Routing Trucks through Georgia: Avoiding Posted and Restricted Bridges

​Posted and restricted bridges limit the load weight on truck travel. These limits notify truck drivers of the maximum weight the bridge is designed to carry.

Posted Bridges - Road signs are posted indicating the type of truck and corresponding weight limits along the road in the direction of travel approaching a posted bridge. The 00 on the signs as depicted below indicates that type of vehicle is not currently posted. The numerical values beside each truck indicate the legal limit for that truck.

Restricted Bridges – Pursuant to Governor Kemp’s Executive Order dated March 14, 2020, to facilitate the uninterrupted supply of goods and other emergency related materials, vehicles obtaining permits for weight under this Executive Order shall not cross posted bridges nor other restricted bridges as indicated in the in the link. For other permit dimensions refer to the Georgia Oversize Truck Route Map.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) requires trucks that contain loads over the posted or restricted weight limit to take an alternate route. For truck drivers, this may require planning the route in advance to avoid posted or restricted bridges.